About “Jan Decena and Her Rather Random Writings”

About more than a year or so, I graduated and became stranded. Then, writing because my very life boat.

Writing has been a very kind friend to me, no matter how many grammars that I have wronged, or syntax that I have muddled. Writing, prose or poetry, have led me by their stories, their emotion, and their journeys that I could get lost through.

The same could be the same with art, which is something that have been a best friend and loyal companion to me all my life. Whilst I discontinued my art education when I finished my International Baccalaureate, my love for the craft did not waver. I drew and painted and illustrated my way still.

And I am ready to show my works to the world.

So welcome to the menagerie of the random specimens of my mind! A random story, a random poem, a random art per week. Cannot tell how often because that would not be random now, would it?