Art and Illustration

Lion Number 4 (A Traditional Painting by Jan Decena)

Lion Number 4
Lion Number 4 by Jan Decena

This painting is nothing new. In fact, I painted this around three to four years ago? But I think this is one of my proudest painting and re-ignited my love for painting lions. Lions are my favourite animals after all.

Now, why is it called Lion Number 4? Well, this is because it is part of my Lion Series. My friend in University liked it so much that I gave away the original. I thought, ‘There! There it is! That smile on her face is why I draw and why I paint and why I write!’ As our distance grew longer, we unfortunately do not communicate anymore. But I hope that the artwork is still with her.

I did this painting when I was still in University – studying Law of all things. Whilst the Law thing did not work out for me in the end, art have always been my friend and when stress strikes I would normally grab my palette, my painting knives, and my sketchbook to do some quick art. Painting and drawing soothed me on those hard times and I am glad that I never relinquished my love for art. This made my life so far, after all.

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