Untitled #1 (A Poem by Jan Decena)

“Lost, lost in the middle of nowhere.
Everything spinning and everywhere is blurry,
Confusion, a plague running through my head,
Every turn.
Pure white and pitch black at the same time,
Touch my hands.
There is no warmth to embrace myself with.
Down, down in the deep hole, I go.
Falling rapidly and yet descending so slowly,
Silence, buzzing my head. It kills me,
Every glance.
They were flashes but I saw everything,
Reach out.
There is no one to dry my tears.
Drown, drown in this ocean blinding white.
Smile, smile.
Because it will be the last time.”

This is called Untitled #1 as this is one of those random poems that is mainly my train of thought. But I hope that it is alright.
Now, regarding the story update. Yes, I missed my deadline but to make up for it, I will be posting two this week and hopefully, I will keep track again for the. There were also some problems with my drafts – for some reason they are not showing and the page is blank when I try to edit but it seems OK for now so. I have 4 stories in my drafts so I will hopefully finish 2 this week.
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