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Fairy Series – Garden Fairy (A Digital Illustration by Jan Decena)

Garden Fairy (of the Fairy Series) by Jan Decena

She was an elusive one, even in the smallest of spaces and the tightest of corners. Even when you look with the most powerful glasses, she still manage to evade and vanish with her brightly coloured wings in between the short grass, the pink lilies, and the tall foxgloves in your backyard. If you blink, you might as well lose any hope.

She was the Garden Fairy. Though ordinary in their own little world, she would surely leave you awestruck with her wings that glimmered on both sunlight and moonlight…

I am announcing the first of my Fairy Series – Garden Fairy!

I am quite happy about this digital illustration as it looks like a proper illustration to me rather than a quick sketch that came out of nowhere. As per usual, I used my Autodesk Sketchbook for the piece and I am happy that I am managing digital art quite well now. Still not a professional, I admit as there might be some obvious out-of-place brush strokes here and there. But at least I am on the upside of the learning curve.

Second of the Fairy Series: Pond Fairy

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