That Simple White (A Poem by Jan Decena)

“You go up and you try to impress them.
The flashy pink and that royal purple,
The fiery red and the solemn blue.
But never once have you seen that simple white.
You bow to them and give them a smile.
To the envious green and to the dull brown,
Not to mention even to that mysterious grey.
But you never grace us, the simple white.
You go and try to put up a fight,
But even you know that you’ve lost your heart
And you fear that sinister pitch black.
But we are one step closer to you, the simple white.
You opened your eyes and saw the truth.
There is no need to all those colours.
We are your perfect canvas and we are always here.
So go on and paint us, that simple white.”

I remember this as being one of my oldest poems when I joined the Creative Writing Society in University of Kent. I was never adept at poetry before but since they were the most easiest to write (my opinion anyway), I would always read out poems to the group rather than prose. I found that there is a certain emotion when reading out poems that grabs your attention, more so than prose.
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