Art and Illustration

Fantasy City [Draft] (A Drawing by Jan Decena)

Fantasy City Draft
Fantasy City Draft by Jan Decena

I hope that you will forgive me for the poor photography from my phone but at the time, I thought it would be easier than trawling out my SLR camera. This is a draft anyway so I will make sure that the final product will be at the best image.

So, this illustration is an old one and I am thinking of returning to it at some time. It is just life happened and when I promised to do one art per week as part of my plan for this blog, I just so happened to remember by incomplete works. Therefore, before I can make new ones (and forget them at the half-way point in their creation) I have decided to actually finish the ones that are in one of the oldest sketchbook that I own. And hopefully do that sketchbook some justice as a very good friend from my sixth form years gave me that book as a Christmas gift.

Looking through my old sketchbooks, it is rather sad on how much I do things unfinished but it kind of illustrates my lack of focus. Yes, I am actually admitting it now and I do fear that it might be the same for this blog and for any other projects that I make. Hopefully, this time it will be different. And this time, we will actually see the finished product of my fantasy city.


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